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Country Girls Guide to a Modern World

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks


To anyone who follows me, I am planning on moving my blog to WordPress as I find that Tumblr is more for photos.

I will post links soon.


Do you ever feel like you’re lost? Essentially running in a black pit of nothing and not getting anywhere? That’s how I feel right now.

With being in my final year of undergraduate university I feel as if I am lost… I once had a plan, but that plan has since dissipated and now I am stuck in nothing pretty much. 

I don’t know where to go, or what to do next.

If you’re like me, you love camo and if you’re even more like me, you don’t know where to wear it unless you’re out killing something.

I have bought so much camo apparel, my fave being my underarmour sent control jacket and shirts, long sleeves, pants, etc etc etc and spent so much money however I never wear any of it unless I’m hunting… and here’s my dilemma….

I work in an environment where business attire (blazers, borring pants and floral shirts) are the dress code and I have to keep it professional, even the career I aspire is professional clothing so I find that I never have the opportunity to wear camo unless like I said, I’m hunting. May I add as well that where I work, is in a city so with that being said, not many people wear camo unless its the fashion army style camo that is “In style”. So I ask myself where and when I can wear it without being socially awkward (because, lets face it, we all get looks when we wear boots and camo)

Does anyone else feel this way?

I am in love with Corral, no they haven’t paid me to say this, although I wish they would lol. I would buy every Corral boot ever made if I could. These boots are the first Corral boots I bought and for sure was the best investment I ever made.

Comfort: 10/10 I’ve worn these boots in airports, in the city- walking around a mall all day, at truck pulls, at rodeos, at the barn, in class at school, etc etc and my feet do not get sore.

Pros: Colour is gorgeous, sizing is accurate, no piling of threads, no leather fade (with proper care), super comfy, stylish

Cons: I’ve noticed they have slouched a bit a few weeks after I got them, I realize this is supposed to happen but I feel it happened fast. The price is always a con to someone who is frugal with their money, a few hundred is a lot to drop on shoes but it’s very justifiable, I wear them everywhere- it was worth the price.

Overall, I must say that these boots are a must have for a boot-lovin’ girl who likes to stay fashionable & needs a boot to keep up to her fast-paced lifestyle.

These photos were taken by myself standing in front of my trucks old 37” tires.

Please do not take my photos, crop it, add a lame instagram effect on it and claim it as your own. Ask my permission first, I’m easy going :)

Outfit Of The Day. Corral Boots, Guess Jeans, Garage top…

Please excuse the poor quality photo, I still have a blackberry…

I am wearing my ultimate fave Corral Boots today, I seriously love these boots with my life, the most durable, comfortable and best looking boots I have I’d have to say. I will for sure be making another Corral purchase soon!

My jeans are Guess Premium jeans with Swarovski crystals (So shiny!)

My top is from Garage, it’s a super comfy denim looking top that’s slightly baggy.

Curled my hair with a half inch curling Iron from wal-mart!

A perfect hint of country in a modern world.



I’m sorry!!! To anyone who follows me! I’ve been SUPER busy these past few months… I’m always busy.

I’ve just recently got time on my hands and I really wish to make my blog better and better! So please share my page around :)

I’ve been on an online shopping binge for the past 2 weeks, I bought some cute stuff from Forever 21, and am currently buying some fall clothes from Victorias Secret online. I love online shopping in my roots track pants and baggy sweater :)

Where do you guys like to online shop? or do you online shop at all?!


“When our skin has become a diary of our love….we know this love is forever forbidden.”


Hi I am Cee, born and raised in northern Canada. A split personality individual who's interests vary from the automotive industry all the way to the beauty industry. I love diesel motorsports, archery, city lights at night, country roads that go for miles and everything in between. I am on a mission to discover where I want to take my life.