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Country Girls Guide to a Modern World

Volunteering in Costa Rica meant a lot to me and opened my eyes to the world.

A group of students (including myself obviously) traveled to Costa Rica with numerous hockey bags filled with school supplies! We brought pencils, colouring books, posters, erasers, sharpeners, crayons, books, etc on a long 6.5 hour flight and 1 lay over to a remote community in Costa Rica called Monte Verde.

It was very exciting to see the children’s faces when we arrived with all of these goodies!

Going to Costa Rica was the first time traveling alone (without family) and was very adventurous.

Hi I am Cee, born and raised in northern Canada. A split personality individual who's interests vary from the automotive industry all the way to the beauty industry. I love diesel motorsports, archery, city lights at night, country roads that go for miles and everything in between. I am on a mission to discover where I want to take my life.